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LGBTQ+ Small Business Owners get unlimited support from dozens curated Titan Masters, Masterclasses

What is Titanology?

We bring together
🌈 LGBTQ+ Business Owners...

to access unique connections and knowledge in a safe space...

so we can build strong businesses around our passion, inspire the world and show strength through our uniqueness... 

creating limitless opportunities for everyone!



Why You Should Join Us

TITANOLOGY.WORLD serves as a forum for LGBTQ+ Business Owners in the (digital) business world to talk shop, share experiences, create unique connections and contribute tips, advice, and experiences in a cordial, friendly atmosphere.

Much like a virtual coffee shop–this Queer Business Community encourages interaction, collaboration, and free-flowing discussion among its members.

What We Offer


Building a business can be a lonely at times, but much more enjoyable when you have a safe space where you can go and meet your business friends you created along the way.

A huge network of LGBTQ+ Business owners will help you create more impact in your business and for your customers than anything else!


From Time Management to Mindset. Covering every aspect of your business building journey!


Advanced Group Coaching programs to boost your business to the next level

Personal Guidance

Our Titan Masters are ready to help you out!

Who is Titan Master Stefaan?

You don’t know me yet but I am a real person. 😋

I am a 41 year young, Belgian Gay Man!
After serving big corporate businesses for the last decade, helping them analyze and streamline their teams, systems and leadership...

I chose to use my knowledge and experience of building communities like thisisbasketball.world to help LGBTQ+ Business Owners find each other and discover unique connections and knowledge.

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