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About Me

Hi, I'm Stefaan.

You don’t know me yet but I am a real person. 😋

I live in Belgium and after more than a decade serving big corporate businesses, helping them analyze and streamline their teams, systems and leadership I chose to use my knowledge and help scaling CEO’s reclaim their time so they can focus on growth instead of putting out fires all day long.

I opened my own company called TITANOLOGY.

My quest is to help digital businesses working with remote teams to grow and scale.

Here are some of the areas we help with:
✓ Get more clarity
✓ Help you micromanage your time and tasks
✓ Empower your team
✓ Automate your processes
✓ Grow and scale

But that felt like I wasn't doing enough. I wanted to help even more people, so I joined Strategy Sprints as well. It makes perfect sense in the long run. It's all about agility and helping CEOs sprint with us to grow their business and regain their freedom.

And freedom is worth all the effort.

Looking forward to taking that vacation while your company thrives?

Join our Titan Community and learn to become the REAL TITAN of your Industry!

Let time work in your service!

Specialties: Team Assessment | Hiring | Team Building | Executive Coaching | Change Management | Strategic Planning | Project Management | Management Consulting | Performance Management | Leadership

Why You Should Join Us

TITANOLOGY.WORLD serves as a forum for the TITANS in the digital, marketing agency and ecomm business community to talk shop, share experiences, and contribute tips, advice, and experiences in a cordial, friendly atmosphere.

Much like a virtual coffee shop–this group page encourages interaction, collaboration, and free-flowing discussion among its members. The goal is to build camaraderie and community through our collective pursuit of personal and professional growth.

In more than a decade as a business acceleration coach, I have overseen the turnaround of many faltering businesses. I know how helping businesses thrive impacts the lives of owners, managers, employees, families, and communities. For this, I am deeply honored and humbled.

That is why I have dedicated this community to dreamers and doers, those who will not let anything impede their drive toward success. If one individual’s triumph can positively affect hundreds, if not thousands of people, imagine how much affirmative change can two, ten, or a hundred successful individuals can affect.

There are many struggles and challenges along the road to success. While all of us share common goals, the paths to these goals are unique to each individual.

So, feel free to share your insights and expertise, inspirational stories, or post queries and discussion topics. Each and every one of our posts has the potential to resonate and change lives.


***I will regularly update the community on my own personal journey and provide material on how to build Leadership, Teams, and Systems that can help you scale your business and give you more time for personal endeavors. ***

A Big Thanks

You are the real TITAN! With your support we can make the TITANS great again ;)

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